Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Wooden Tub Story

Oh yes I've got my wooden tub! Surprise me the tub that I got was actually on Mega Sale promotion! Damn I'm lucky..... I fell straight away for the tub and the price is good too! I couldn't belive it myself. Well will post some pictures here once I got it install properly. Hahahha!
Well, of course it's not made in Japan and not like an Ofuro tub but it serves the purpose to me as I got the wooden tub I want and also a soaking foot small wooden tub as well. Hurray! It is actually made in Taiwan, or so the seller told me and the slight disadvantage is that the tub must be soak in water all the time so the wood will not crack. Pray to god this won't happen! That is why the tub only cost me RM500. That's the WOW factor there!
Then recently, I stumble upon a shop that sell wooden bath tub too....... why I wanna mention here is because the shop is actually selling all sorts of buddhist praying stuff like joss sticks, praying altar, sandalwood, some feng shui stuff and suddenly I saw this wooden tub hiding at the back! I was like whoa..... how come they sell this kinda thing in a shop like that??!?!?
Excuse me, I search high and low for the tub and after I bought it then I stumble on these tubs laying around in the shop.......... come on man!
Well no doubt, I still like what I bought because of the price; and I do hope it lasts for at least few years.

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog :) reading it makes me happy.


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