Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Day trip to Penang Hill

First of all, I wasn't planning a trip to the Penang hill, nevertheless we went on with the trip as it was the intention of a family and friends gathering in a day trip to the famous Penang Hill. My mother had talked about going up the hill for at least a year now and well the trip did realised in the end! Thanks to her that baby got to go up the hill for the first time. I would say, I've never been up there since schooldays.......... wow so long ago!

Overall, it's been an amazingly wonderful trip for all of us. It was fun and baby did explore a lot and love being blown by the wind and enjoy the fresh air and the sounds of nature. She managed to take her nap no matter how excited she was..... I thought she wouldn't sleep at first but after some time she was asleep as the breeze there was in fact cooling and comfortable.
Later in the night, after the BBQ dinner, we celebrated my hubby's birthday up there as a surprise to everyone there too. All and all, it was a fun day for everyone!
P/s: Would love to go back there again, the breeze is so good and the quality of air is totally great.

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