Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy First Birthday!

I have wanted to celebrate my baby's 1st birthday inviting close friends and relatives. So this is it! The Theme for the party was Rubber Ducky and the colours were red, yellow and white.

Here is the lovely cake and the decoration center piece for the main table. Both were stunning and the talk of the party. The kids had a blast too! It was an enjoyable tea party. Of course my baby love those ducky deco and her cake. Thanks to Ween for the lovely deco!

Some of the food for the party........ mini sausage rolls, mini croissant, mini egg tart, mini cheese sandwich, cream puff, Red eggs, animal biscuits, watermelon, ice-cream.... la la la la..

Balloons for everyone! Yay!

Happy Birthday My Little one!

Lovely Cream Puff....... me and hubby didn't even get a bite and it's all gone. I guess it's a big hit!

Lovely duckies in the Bath Tub..... rub-a-tub-duck, Count how many in the tub!

Pinning the Duck on the tub.... games for kids!

Oooo... my little one enjoying herself opening the presents! LOL!
Hope y'all that attend have lots of fun!
I know We did!

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