Monday, May 10, 2010

First Mothers' day

My first Mothers Day celebration with my lil' bean wasn't very smooth! She was fast asleep during lunch time and dinner time! Hmmm........ the most interesting part is; I am force to wake her up twice as in Lunch and dinner time. Now I will tell you why, because I normally will wait for her to wake up by herself, as I think she's more important than me and no more me, me and me but baby, baby and baby.
Now during lunch hour which is like around 1pm, I am forced to wake her up because the Earth is moving under my feet, as in EARTHQUAKE! My house is shaking, I feel like fainting as well, so quickly without any hesitation, I wake her and carry her almost ran down the stairs! Luckily I do not live high up in the apartment! Seriously no joke, and later I found out that off the sea near the North of Sumatra had again been strike by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake! Hmmm.... this is the third time I am experiencing earthquake in my apartment. Guess have to pack my disaster bag soon!
Now during dinner time we have to go visit grandma's place and again she fell asleep! So I have to again pick her up and go to grandma's for dinner and she wasn't really awake and of course she's kinda bad mood!

So this is how eventfully I passed my First Mothers' Day!

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