Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bamboo Tree Bangalow Home

Can you spot the little bird in this picture?
Hah.... well, this picture is taken from my balcony and seems like these little creature love to make their home at my bamboo tree!
Here's how it's nest looks like. It's been here since like years ago when I moved in. Long time ago it was just a shelter for a pair of loving birds and their young ones. Since then on and off there are a few generations going on and on so I guess I lost count how many birds have been moving in and out from this nest. But I can tell you it used to be quite a small nest. Now it has been upgraded to a terrace then semi-detached then bangalow and now is with extension some more. It almost occupy my whole bamboo tree! Hmmm........ as you can see the birds are quite small in size and yet they do not mess up my balcony so that is why they are welcome in my home. LOL.

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