Sunday, April 4, 2010

Traditional Nyonya Popiah - Homemade only (part II)

Traditionally, nyonya ladies used to cook these at home and have Popiah Parties. Well, this tradition is dying soon as not many people cook these days. Well, in my home we are still having this popiah tradition and it is one of my favourite food. Also one must know how to wrap a popiah properly or else everything will drop off, and the popiah wrap will break loose!
Above here I have included the ingredients that will be wrap inside a popiah. So all those commercial ones out there is really nothing compare to these homemade ones! One must get the ingredients right from the beginning to have a "Traditional Nyonya Popiah".
Here are some of the ingredients that I snap with my camera... and I have already named them well, other ingredients such as beansprouts can be wrap in it too.

This is the popiah wrap that we can still buy it here in Penang. Lucky us! :P

So here are all the ingredients that are waiting to be wrap in a popiah! Yummy.... and am getting hungry too! If I were to have my ideal Popiah Party..... I will definately need all my guest know they will need to help cooking and then later know-how to wrap the popiah properly.
Indeed it takes time to pratice and I have been doing it since I was a young little girl at the age of 10. LOL.

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