Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sensory Skills

Since I am now doing lotsa research, and am glad that I have found out a lot about developing my lil' bean's sensory skills. I think for now developing her sensory skills is the most basic development that I feel fit for her and me.
I am now collecting various stuff to create an environment suitable for her to play and develop. Lots of ideas and tips can be found in the net, so it is quite easy for me to help her develop her skills. I strongly believe that right now developing her senses are much more important than training her brain. I feel that a baby's basic development must be stimulate correctly then later part she will use her senses to learn more things. Before the brain start to learn words and stuff, it must be well stimulate and grow then it will learn things faster.
Well that is my logic anyhow, each parents teach their kids differently, and I just believe that an infant must have a strong basic skills before they learn anything new.

For more information on Sensory Development please check out the website.

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