Thursday, January 7, 2010


Just wanna keep a record on this tiny grocerry shoppin trip. WHY? It's baby's first day out to the public place. Well, I didn't plan it... it just happens that's all.

1:00 pm Baby went to my parents house.
2:00 pm After feeding she sleeps.
3:30 pm I plan to go grocerry shopping and mum suggests that baby can tag along too.
(I guess the weather's good~ cloudy and baby's awake)
4:00pm Baby tag along with me and both my parents out to Gurney Cold Store!
(Whoopy.... both my parents were taking turns carrying my baby)
(Baby was very excited and was browsing all her surroundings!)
5:00pm Baby back home ~ Trip's over (She seems quite content with her short trip.) LOL.

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