Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Bed

This is Baby's new day bed..... Initialy I had actually plan to buy the Fisher&Price rocker chair for baby. It costs a bomb! Infact it was onsale and still it is expensive. Then again, I have choosen to buy this pink day bed because it can be used untill baby grows to one year old; while the Fisher& Price one can only be use till 6 months only. Well this one is even cheaper... so I have finally bought this one for baby!


Green BeBe said...

is this really effective? my baby can't sleep at home, but can easily sleep in car. we guess she like movement, but till now i have get her a rocker chair:) pls advise.

Matelda said...

Well, I don/t actually rock her in the chair but because weather is so hot and this rocker chair sure helps.


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