Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Sorry folks... my server was down... unable to log in to the Internet for a while.... and since then I have been doing lots of cooking and reading. So here am back again. Will have some new recipes soon! Wait ya! :)
Since am here, will blog about the new advances of my little one. She starts to recognize lotsa things and also understand some words that we say to her... like [Wait], [Shhh], [Bathtime], [Milk], [Play]; etc.
Well, we took her out for lunch the other day and she was so quiet and observing her surroundings without making any fuss. But both me and hubby took turns to hold her as she's unable to sit up on her own yet. Well, will try to take her out more often to let her get use to the crowds and people. Hmm... am still waiting for "daddy" to install her car seat before taking her out for longer car trip!

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