Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Bedak kid came to visit me & baby with her mother.... of course they bring gifts and oh I have lots of gifts now that I think I can't really use all of it! Then I chat with her mother for quite some time and he was bored. Me and her mother talk about my experiences and how am I going to handle my new baby and some tips to care for her. Lots of ideas and thoughts are shared among us, mothers. I am getting confuse too!
Suddenly, bedak kid was asking me questions like, "Does baby Cher Ru smile or talk often?" Hmm... well I told him,"Baby does not smile a lot but she does when she's dreaming or even when sucking milk! She still does not know how to talk but making some sounds like 'Ooo' & 'Aaa'." Bedak kid ask some more..... "So baby knows I am here to see her?" I say, "Well, she can see shadows only and her sense of smell is stronger.... she knows who her mother is and the rest she will know if you hold her more and talk to her."
After all explanation, Bedak kid went on to chat with her but not touching and disturbing her just talk and baby seems to listen and slightly open and close her eyes. I guess bedak kid's curiosity has been aroused while my baby seems to learn to listen to sounds and sense the existence of people around her, and my guess is she loves attention too!

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