Thursday, February 14, 2008

The WOW factor

WOW wow... its the Chinese New Year........ most celebrated around the world where there are chinese. Well, I got everything prepared to usher the New Year, but I fell sick in the end. Well maybe a symtom of old age? Bleh, nope its the WOW factor.
The over excitement.... that made me fell sick becoz I got so busy and ignored my health! Well, the WOW factor is affecting me indirectly. heh!

Anyways, I did had my visits with relatives only, did not get to visit any friends instead they come visiting me. Hah! And so goes with my AngPows too. Bedak kid came to visit me with his parents as usual I gave him ang pow and he ate almost all the food that I served him. He told me if he ask his friends to come along izit ok? I said of course. Well you see his parents were busy so they visited me during the evening. I bring out the love letters cookies, the chips, nuts and of course the lovable petite mandarin oranges... very sweet little oranges. Of course the usual packet drinks are served as well. Gee, you'll visit almost all houses and they'll served you packet drinks without fail.... I do not know why, more like a custom already.

Well I love company so does my hubby too and all well ends well. So far we had almost over 50 people that came to my place. Well, I have decorated my place well too to accomodate all of them! Not a big place but a cozy one which me and my hubby nested in. Sure lot more organised than usual.... hahha!

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