Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Year, New Place... First-day: Part 1

It has been a while... I have stopped blogging. Sorry folks, I am not on vacation but am so busy moving house.
Indeed, I have a new place now, so I needed to pack things up and furthermore add to all these packing and moving..... is having to work part-time and also The New Year preparations and house-warming parties. All in all, I have a very busy start in the beginning of the year which also means I have a lot to blog about.

First of all I am wishing everyone a very Happy New Rabbit Year and Gong Xi Fa Chai!
Here I am First day cooking in my new Kitchen.
We had a little praying ceremony after entering the house. After that will be eating, so I had to cook which is supposed to be some of the things you need to do when entering a new place, I guess. Well, we invited some family members to have lunch together. Since it is during the Chinese New Year, I cooked something simple instead of having steamboat again.

Most of our family members are elderly so we had porridge and some other dishes to accompany it. Some vegetables, some roast pork from the market, some noodles made by granny, and some fried eggs; Simple and just nice for everyone.

After the short meal, we had some photo shooting session. We had ask one of our friends to come over and help us shoot some family photos for memory sake. It was a formal one so everyone kinda dress up and the mood was quite serious but well it went well in the end. This ended the first part of our housewarming party. More to come later in the night!!

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