Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wobble on...

Who's wobbling about in the house?
My lil' bean of course..... she walks.... er hem... wobbles a few steps on her own and then holding on to a chair then continues her journey by holding on to the wall like a spider man and then start to push things around the house.
She's has started to move all the furniture around the house which of course I forbids her to do so........ then she'll throw her tantrums and start crying out loud! Well I guess this period of crying and getting what she wants by pointing her finger will pass on after a while.
She bosses her grandma around the house.... my god! Wnd she tried the same thing on me which did not succeed; then the only thing she'll do is scream and cry out loud! Only god knows that I did not torture her! Sigh......... well this will be some memories for me and her to look back later on.........

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