Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Into My Third Trimester... new hope!

Last few weeks I have been on a rollercoaster of events that makes me worry sick of my condition, but am glad it's over now.
I have been admitted to the hospital for some minor bleeding! I was worried sick for the sake of my baby. So the conclusion is I have been walking around too much and done some carrying of boxes around my house. Hmmm... I am suppose to stay on bed rest for at least two weeks before I could move around freely again. Guess from then onwards I am not suppose to do any work that put on too much stress to the body. In other words, I am being too active during pregnancy.
Well, now instead of doing some things like cleaning and packing stuff, I am suppose to just lying on the bed, watch stupid movie series, eat and sleep. Boring stuff...... indeed!
Am really getting sick of all this now...... and I have like so many weeks to go. Ah well... I am now walking more often although I get back ache after that, but I don't mind as long as I can go out of the house. I seldom go out much as I am not allow to drive yet; so I became more fairer each day!
Now am concentrating on doing some excercise that will ensure me an easy labour and also researching for my baby's name. I thought it would be easy but seems like it's not so. Hopefully ina few weeks time I'll manage to come up with a few options! LOL....

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