Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Babymoon

Oh just came back from my so-called babymoon. Actually one of my friend's wedding is held in KL. So I have decided to travel down to KL for a visit cum attending the wedding.
A lot of taboos about travelling during pregnancy, but as I believe if one is well prepared it's ok to travel. I travel by car to KL so my hubby and I decided to have a few stops during the journey. I have also prepared lots of water and food on board; some pillows for the comfort of sitting in the car and also some music to enjoy during the trip.
Well, the trip went well, and we also did some shopping and hanging around Ikea to get some ideas for the nursery. We also had some good grubs and manage to enjoy a movie each night... thanks to our laptop. Overall it's a nice trip and Baby did enjoy her stay too, I think! LOL.

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