Monday, June 1, 2009

Food craving...

Now in my belly grows a baby girl. So I do feel her all the time while sleeping, listening to music, watching movies...... etc. Well, I constantly feel that she's trying to communicate with me. LOL! I know I am hungry all the time and yet sometimes I do eat but just not enough!?!?? So baby will just signal me by kicking or making me feel nausea again so I know she's still hungry. In fact if she doesn't like something she'll do the same too. Othe'srwise, she's just sleeping and growing steadily inside my womb. How fascinating!
These days as Durian season is on its way......... my baby couldn't stop bugging me to take the durian and soya bean milk. Hmmm... she must love the taste of durian! :) Just like Mum and dad! Other types of food that she loves so far is Ramen, Char Koay Teow, Chicken but not KFC! and also some sweet cakes. That why I do make muffins for her! Hhehee.
So far so good, I hope I can eat more variety of food especially soupy stuff! Cheers.

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