Tuesday, May 6, 2008

World Music Festival Penang 2008 - Part 2

Hooray! I have waited for this day to come! Well, this is the second time that the World Music Festival event organised here. I went there quite early and have spotted a good place and manage to sit in between the two big stage.
Here's my hubby and the rest of the music lovers.......

This group is the the first to kick off on last Sunday 5th May Music Festival,

It's called Techung from Tibet/USA.

This band is from the USA, they are the Balfa Toujours. They played the fiddle sticks and did lots of jazz dance music which stirs the crowds up. People start dancing and swaying!
This group is from Denmark, go by the name Afenginn. They played very interesting music too, love the sax! The crowds gone wild by now!

This is my favourite group, Lo Cor De La Plana; I bought their CD which cost me RM90! The most expensive CD among all.... how come? They all sang vocals with some help of little instruments that's why! Love their music, it was fantastic!

This is Kenge Kenge from Kenya. They are the keepers of their tribe traditional music. They have performers and dancers too. Love their lively music and vibrant dance!

Here you can see that the crowds gone wild at the end! Everyone is enjoying themselves!

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