Friday, May 2, 2008

Mime in Penang!

Well it's true, Not long ago, little Penang Street Market had an interesting moment, whereby you can see these people all in White walking around trying to speak to everyone with their smiley faces and hands, with a big smile on their face. Here shows the artist and his trainees performing spontaneously.
If you are wondering what mime is....., it is actually one of the oldest forms of the theatre (the dramatic art of representing scenes from life through expressive bodily and facial movements).
A bit of history about Pantomime
Pantomime in Greece, often took the form of mimetic dances. The art of gesture was called orchesis, from which we get the word orchestra, the Greek term for a dancing place.
The Romans were especially fond of pantomime. The sketches were often played as afterpieces to the written plays, or even between acts. Two famous players (both freed slaves), were Pylades and Bathyllus.
The Empress Theodora of Byzantium, a ruler remarkable for her concern with the welfare of women and performers, was a pantomime player from her childhood until shortly before her marriage to Emperor Justinian.
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