Wednesday, July 23, 2008

GeorgeTown, Penang UNESCO listed!

Penangites are celebrating the Georgetown World Heritage Site. As we are now listed in UNESCO, lots of people around the world will know where Penang is located. Suddenly, a lot of people will be eyeing on to us. Like how people know of "Angkor Wat, Siam Reap".
Well, we are in the heritage list. That shows how rich the culture of Malacca and Penang is. Due to both cities's historical background there is a need to preserve it or else all will be lost in time to come. I am doing my small part in promoting it although I know most Penangites would love developments....... still Penang has always been tourists driven. Now is just that more people will know about it, that's all.
So come celebrate together on this coming 25th-27th July, 2008. It's gonna be fun! See you all there!

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