Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Taiping Trip - Kuala Sepatang Mangrove Park

Here we are at the Mangrove Park in Kuala Sepatang. It is one of the world's most well preserved Mangrove swamp. Amazing huh!
See those huge roots! Really fascinating, it has really been a wonderful trip. We suddenly entered the park and the temperature just drop. It feels so cooling in this whole area. For a city girl like me this is really something I yearn to come often!

Some of my nice shots of the mangrove swamp park. Amazingly there are lots of monkeys and various type of birds in this area. When the water rises, you may catch glimpse of fishes as well too.

Today is my 3rd Wedding Anniversary.... hubby and I went for dinner at a new nice restaurant down town. Love it! :)


CK Lam said...

Happy anniversary to both of you...the sire is a nice place to celebrate such a special occasion!!

We love the place so much that we celebrated father's day there and have revisited it for the second time with a friend... and took lots and lots of photos.

Matelda said...

Thanks CK lam, we love the place too and I love your blog too, went to the korean restaurant for father's day! hah! see ya around! :P


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